What’s The Environmental Cleanup Process?

men cleaning up environmental location

One of the most important applications served by our industrial vacuum pumps is environmental cleanup. While fortunately uncommon, it is vital to address environmental contamination situations quickly and thoroughly, and IVAC Industrial is equipped to do just that. Here is a glimpse at the process used to handle these delicate situations.

1.    Identifying The Issue

Naturally, the first part of the process is spotting the problem. Sometimes that is clearly the source, and work can begin quickly to fix. Other times, it’s just something that has been affected by the source, which will require further work.

2.    Investigation

Part of the investigation is finding the source of the problem. With luck, that will be apparent, but sometimes contaminants are found due to leaking into the ground or a water supply, which requires analysis simply to determine the nature of the contaminant and whether or not it was changed by mixing with other substances. This is what leads to an accurate identification of the source.

3.    Remediation

This is the part where the industrial vacuum pump would be brought in. Having identified the source and all the areas affected by it, pumps can be used both to mitigate further contamination and to perform the preliminary cleanup of areas affected.

To learn more about environmental clean up and how our products can help contact us any time.


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